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TLP (Traffic Light Protocol)

This is the system we use to determine the level of access you get to materials, discussions and resources within the community. It also is the system we use to mark certain materials to indicate how, and who they can be communicated to. When you join the community you will get access to a number of channels, but to build up to our TLP: Red and TLP: Amber channels you will need to contribute and build up trust within the community.

Please do not ask to be raised to these levels. The raising of your level is discussed and determined privately. Where an entire channel has a coloured book in its channel name, this indicates that all discussion, resources and material within this channel is automatically treated as that colours TLP.

What are the different levels, and what do they mean?


No sharing of TLP:RED information with any parties outside of the specific exchange, meeting, or conversation in which it was originally disclosed. This includes NOT communicating this to anyone else in your own company.


May be shared with people in your own organisation, or with clients/customers who need to know the information to protect themselves or prevent further harm from a security perspective.


May be shared with peers and partner organisations within the MSP sector, but not via publicly accessible channels (like a website or blog).


May be distributed without restriction.