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Code of Conduct - MSPs

  1. This server's main purpose is to be a UK centric community for people to collaborate and discuss MSP related topics. This means UK based people only. Exceptions may be made for people the Admin team decide can help the wider community because of a certain skill or knowledge.

  2. If you use information in any of these channels to build a competitive advantage in any way over a fellow member, you will be permanently banned. This is at the absolute discretion of the Admins.

  3. No pseudonyms - this is a business chat, so please change your display name to your real name and company.

  4. This server, and some of its channels, follow the TLP system. Channels like this are indicated with a red, amber, green and white book in-front of them. You agree to adhere to this system when contributing and consuming content in this server.

  5. Do not post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.

  6. There is huge potential for the advancement, and benefit to the sector arising out of applications of concerted community efforts. However, the changing landscape is raising complex community, legal and ethical questions with the approach of the providers at the forefront of how this industry is perceived. You agree to operate in a positive, professional manner so we can change this industry and our companies for the better.